Thompson Falls Thrift Store

The Thompson Falls Thrift Store is located in Thompson Falls at 607 Main Street – this is the small and mighty store! The store is packed with a variety of items to suit your fancy! Excellent customer service with affordable prices. This Store has been opened since 2001 serving people on the west end as far as Noxon,Troy and Trout Creek. We have also helped people with developmental disabilities from some of these areas . The Thompson Thrift is an established business that continues to support and employ our people with disabilities.

Shopping for the Whole Family!

A variety of clothing, shoes, hard goods are available for sale as well as name brand items, home décor, books and linens and much more! Please give the store a call if you are looking for something specific, the helpful staff will do their best to accommodate your needs.

How to Donate

Donations of clean, unbroken items are gladly accepted during the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Saturday in the back of the store. We are glad to help unload or for a nominal fee, we will come and pick up your donations. For larger items, such as furniture, TV’s, fridges and stoves, please call prior to donating.
If you are unable to make it during the hours of operations, there are bins located in the alley for your donating convenience.

How Donations are used:

Donations to the Thompson Falls Thrift Store are tax deductible, please feel free to ask for a receipt when you drop off your items. The donations are processed and sold in the store to provide paid work for the individuals that LBSI serves. There is a process to rotate the older items out of the store. The “pulls” are cut into rags, stored for the season (i.e. Christmas, Halloween, etc.) or donated to the clothing bank. This business is also a great way to help the community stretch their budgets.

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Thompson Falls Thrift Store

Open Mon.-Sat. 10am-4pm
607 Main Street
Thompson Falls, MT 59873