LBSI Supported Living

The Supported Living community is an apartment complex that provides 8 individual apartments for our more independent individuals. There are two two-bedroom, two handicapped accessible, and four one-bedroom units. Each unit is equipped with their own kitchen, bathroom, living area and laundry room. Supported living staff are provided to support each individual’s needs in their own home.

Services Offered

Home Life

Activities are planned on an ongoing basis, with some activities being an annual event. There are also activities that may be planned for each individual, based on their wants and needs.

Medical Needs

There is a staff dedicated to the medical needs of each individual, whether it be to schedule an appointment, transporting or being the individual’s advocate, the staff is there to support the individual.


Transportation to and from work is provided daily with either a lift equipped bus, minivan or if they choose to walk, a staff will accompany them.

LBSI Supported Living

 507 2nd St. West
Plains, MT 59859
Supported Living Office:
406-826-3689 ext 100