Little Bitterroot Services

Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in Montana Since 1974.

Little Bitterroot Services Inc Montana
Slim Gym

Slim Gym

Workout with the latest equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Slim Gym LBSI Montana
Fostering Growth

Fostering Growth

LBSI provides opportunities for disabled adults to work, live and grow in the community.

Disabled Citizens Montana
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Little Bitterroot Services Inc.

Welcome to Little Bitterroot Services! We help provide people with disabilites the opportunity to live, grow and thrive by offering multiple housing units to fit various needs and the ability to sustain themselves through work in LBSI businesses.

LBSI Businesses

Little Bitterroot Services Inc. operates several businesses that provide unique services, great value and give people with disabilites beneficial work opportunities to help them gain self-sufficiency.

Slim Gym

A fully featured gym with state of the art equipment in Plains, MT.

Plains Thrift Store

LBSI’s Flagship business and the largest of our thrift stores!

Thompson Falls Thrift Store

Our Thompson Falls location has something for everyone!

Plains Corner Grocery

A discount grocery store with daily sales on items you need.

LBSI Group Homes & Supported Living

Little Bitterroot Services Inc. provides three living opportunities for people with disabilities, including two group homes and supported living apartments.

Meany Group Home

An 8 bedroom home with rooms tailored to occupants and transportation.

Stanton Group Home

A 4 bedroom home close to the city park with daily transportation and activities.

LBSI Supported Living

Featuring 8 individual apartments of varying sizes with kitchen and laundry.